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Journey of a Lightworker

Journey of a Lightworker

Guided by Love and Light

Guided by Love and Light is Michelle's contribution to the compilation book

I am both humbled and honored to be a lightworker. I can't think of anything I'd rather do than help others to live a better life with the messages I've received from the angels. My connection to the angels is relatively new. About 13 years ago, I went through a very tumultuous period that led to a spiritual awakening—a realization that the three-dimensional world is only a part of our reality. After this epiphany, I grew by leaps and bounds, learning everything I could about spirituality. I was on my way to remembering who I really was and why I was here.

My journey began very unexpectedly at a very low point in my life. In 2003, I was under a tremendous amount of stress, extremely depressed, and going through what I now know was the "dark night of the lightworker's soul." I yearned to be able to hug my mom one more time and have her tell me that everything would be okay. My mom had died 17 years earlier, and I had recently found comfort watching a famous psychic medium's television show. The messages from the afterlife made me feel like there was a possibility my mother might still be around me.

One day, after watching the medium's show, I decided to look through an old photo album to reminisce about happier times with my family, especially my mom. When I proceeded to put the photo album away, a photo fell on the floor. When I looked down, I saw a picture of my mom looking up at me and smiling. It was as if she was right there with me at that very moment! I felt it in my heart and soul, but I wouldn't have it officially validated until five years later when I went to...

If you'd like to read the rest of my story, as well as stories from other lightworkers, please consider buying the book using the links below.

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It can also be bought from its publisher, White Light Publishing House.