While I was a follower of the new age movement, I independently published two children’s picture books. My award-winning book, Angels, Angels, Everywhere, was released in October of 2014, and My Mommy Is a Butterfly was released in July of 2018. I have since rewritten both manuscripts to be more aligned with my new Christian beliefs.

Angels, Angels, Everywhere

Unfortunately, this book encouraged children to ask angels for help, and the Bible clearly shows that only God is worthy of our prayers. I now know that when you talk to angels directly, you’re not communicating with God’s angels. You’re communicating with fallen angels, and the last thing I want is for children to open themselves up to the dark forces of the spiritual realm. My rewrite has a new title and asks children to pray to God.

Purple Dragonfly Children’s Book Awards, 2015
1st Place Winner, Poetry
2nd Place, Cultural Diversity
2nd Place, Spiritual/Religious
Honorable Mention:
Best Illustrations, Picture Books 5 & Younger, Picture Books 6 & Older
Finalist, National Indie Excellence Awards, 2015
Finalist, USA Best Book Awards, 2015
Winner, Best Backlist, Feathered Quill Book Awards, 2017

My Mommy Is a Butterfly

My Mommy Is a Butterfly was inspired by a medium’s reading where I was told that my deceased mother was appearing to me as a butterfly.  Since I was told things only my mother would’ve known, I was convinced that it was her communicating with me.  I now believe that mediums are unknowingly receiving messages from fallen angels who are posing as loved ones.  The Bible verse in Deuteronomy 18:10-11 states that no one should practice sorcery, including consulting mediums or inquiring of the dead.  Thankfully, God lifted the veil of deception prior to my promoting the book.  My rewrite has a new title and contains beautiful messages with a Christian theme.