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Angels, Angels, Everywhere

Angels, Angels, Everywhere

1st Place Winner, Best Backlist, Feathered Quill Book Awards, 2017
1st Place Winner, Poetry, Purple Dragonfly Children's Book Awards, 2015
Finalist, National Indie Excellence Awards, 2015
Finalist, USA Best Book Awards, 2015

Angels, Angels, Everywhere is a non-denominational, multiracial book written in delightful rhythm and rhyme and accompanied by charming illustrations done by Susan Shorter. The themes are constant support and unconditional love. This book teaches children how angels can help them in their everyday lives and empowers them with faith.

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Angels, angels, everywhere ...
Some are here, and some are there.
All they want to do is share ...
Share their love with you.

When things go wrong,
Just stop and pray,
And angels come
To save the day.

When you feel proud
Of what you've done,
Your angels say,
"You're Number 1!"


"[T]his is a children's book full of heart. The author has done a great job focusing on a very basic message that...hits home in a big way. Angels are everywhere.
Quill says: Inspirational, uplifting and hits just the right subjects for kids (and adults) who need and want to catch a glimpse of their best-winged friend."
   —Feathered Quill Book Reviews (read the full review)

"A beautiful story to help ease children's worries and to celebrate their joys...angels are everywhere watching over us through good and bad. We loved talking about our angels after we read this sweet book."
   —Mrs. Mommy Booknerd's Book Reviews—4.5*/5* (read the full review)

"...one of the most entertaining, spiritual and enlightening children's books of the year."
   —The Culture News (read the full review)

 "Angels, Angels, Everywhere is a wonderful way to share the gift of angels with your child. Featuring angels that are culturally diverse allows the reader to feel that these spiritual beings are like them in many ways. The melodic prose flows along with the story and the illustrations are lovely. A great book that can be a source of comfort and joy for many."
   —Cheryl C. Malandrinos, VINE VOICE, Amazon

 "Children come into this world as a blank slate. As they begin to navigate through the complexities of life's journey, conflicting emotions are unavoidable. In Michelle Beber's deceptively simple, yet ultimately profound book, young minds become enlightened to the fact that there are indeed higher powers offering protection, encouragement and support. Through playful poetry and vivid illustrations, Beber's book reminds all of us that we are truly never alone. Angels, Angels, Everywhere is a comforting message of hope that will be an uplifting experience for anyone who reads it."
   —Tony the Book Addict, Amazon

 "This is a beautifully written children's picture book. I was so touched by the Angels' message to call on them and they will help and comfort you anytime. I love that it says they are always with us and all we need to do is ask them. Wonderful uplifting book for any child. Great book to read to your grandchildren. It's sure to be one of their all time favorites.—Deba Peterson, Angel Intuitive and Spiritual Life Coach"
   —Bahama Mama, Amazon

 "Absolutely love this book: Such a well written children's book ... it's a great way for children to find comfort when they are feeling down. I read this book to my 10-month old daughter frequently and I plan on leaving it by her nightstand till she is able to read it herself. It's not based towards any religion so it is great for all!"
   —Monique Valerie Sherman, Amazon

 "My Grand daughter is enjoying this book. I feel good knowing the kind of positive influence this book creates for her. The author has shown children the gentle, peaceful, protective and spiritual guidance they will need in their lives. Very well written."
   —rooboy, Amazon

 "Great little book for children: Adorable! Wonderful illustrations and encouraging, comforting words."
   —Kindle Customer, Amazon

Balboa Press, paperback, October 2014, ISBN: 978-1452518947