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Angels, Angels, Everywhere

My Mommy Is a Butterfly love

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"...a profound message for children as well as for adults..."
   —Marilyn A. Mendoza, PhD

Is a butterfly just a butterfly, or could it be the soul of a loved one? In My Mommy Is a Butterfly, eight-year-old Shelly thinks she knows the answer to that question when the power of love, the belief in angels, and a very special butterfly give her a reason to have hope.

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Angels, Angels, Everywhere

Welcome to my website! If you've found your way here, there's a good chance you might have been guided by angels. You may already love angels, or you may be new to learning about angels and are curious. Did you know that 8 out of 10 Americans believe in angels? And that's just America (I couldn't find research studies on the rest of the world). That's a lot of people, and there's a good reason why ... because they know they're real! I'm one of those believers because my whole life changed for the better since I asked for their help.

As an angel intuitive and lightworker, I have a strong bond with Archangel Michael. I believe it was Michael who gave me the beautiful words and visions that became my first children's book, Angels, Angels, Everywhere. That book was published by Balboa Press in 2014, and I'm proud to say that it has won two awards and been a finalist in several competitions.

In addition to letting children know that they have a constant angelic support system, my other purpose in life is to teach children about after-death communications or "signs from Heaven." Children are naturally open to signs from spirit, and those signs can bring comfort and healing to a grieving child like nothing else can. My new book, My Mommy Is a Butterfly, encourages children to be open to those signs, to acknowledge them, and to know that love never dies.

I have many more books planned, and each one has an uplifting message from the angels. My mission is to teach, touch, and entertain not only children, but also adults, with words of inspiration, empowerment, and healing. Making a difference in the lives of children is its own reward.

Thank you for visiting my website!

With love, light, and angel blessings,
Michelle love

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