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Angels, Angels, Everywhere

Welcome to my website! If you've found your way here, there's a good chance you might have been guided by angels. You may already love angels, or you may be new to learning about angels and are curious. Did you know that 8 out of 10 Americans believe in angels? And that's just America (I couldn't find research studies on the rest of the world). That's a lot of people, and there's a good reason why ... because they know they're real! I'm one of those believers because my whole life changed for the better since I asked for their help.

In October of 2014, my first children's picture book, Angels, Angels, Everywhere, was published. This website will tell you about the book, what inspired me to write it, and a little about me. My mission is to help children deal with the ups and downs of life and to let them know that they have an "angel support system" available to them at all times.

Angels exist to love and care for all of us on Earth, especially children. Angels are always here for us, but because God has granted us free will to make our own choices, angels cannot intervene in our lives unless we ask them for help. The only exception to that is if they need to save the life of a soul who hasn't completed their life purpose on Earth. Angels want all of us to be happy and to know we are loved.

Thank you for your interest and for joining me in "love and light." love

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